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It is with regret that we have had to take the decision to close our shop, D.White Butchers of Green End, Braughing, with effect from the end of January. It has not been a decision taken lightly as, after more than 60 years trading from the same address, there is a deal of history associated with the site.

The good news is that the famous Braughing Sausage will continue to be made and distributed locally through the best farm shops, delicatessens and of course, through this site by mail order.

The nearest retail outlet to our shop in Braughing is Pearce's A10 Farm Shop. We thank all our customers for their patronage and hope they continue to enjoy the sausages.

The Braughing Sausage Company
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Perfect for Lunch or Dinner
The Braughing sausage, steeped as it is in history, is a modern classic. A good balance of ingredients, with good quality pork and a good fill resulting in a really morish and tasty sausage.
A Taste of Braughing
Braughing Sausage Company's products are highly thought of and are provided to meat connoisseurs across the country.
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Our History
In 1954 Douglas White and his wife Anna made their first Braughing Sausage...
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Our refurbished shop is just off the A10 north of Puckeridge and we are delighted to welcome visitors.
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